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I am a qualified primary school teacher, a mum of energetic boys and a children’s yoga teacher. 


I have been teaching since I left University in 1998. For the first four years I taught English as a Foreign Language in Japan and Thailand. This is where my interest in the importance of play, physical experiences, and social and emotional wellbeing in children’s development took hold. 


It seemed like a natural progression to complete my PGCE and to formally develop my understanding of children and learning. I have taught across the primary school years from reception through to year 6.  Encouraging children to be active and creative in their learning has always been a priority for me.


My discovery of yoga and its potential for child learning was more recent. I was a full time stay at home mum in my children’s pre-school years, and for my own mental and physical well being... I started Yoga!


It wasn’t long until my youngest started to join me on the mat, and I could see the benefits immediately! So I decided to train on how to share yoga with children. I trained with Ayala Homossany on the ‘Empowering Children through Yoga and Creativity Children’s Teacher Training’ which I completed in March 2020. It was after this that I developed the concept for Bear Foot Yogis


Hilary xx 

(Bear Foot Yogis Founder) 

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Enhance. Improve. Reduce.



  • Flexibility 

  • Strength 

  • Coordination



  • Concentration

  • Body awareness

  • Relaxation techniques

  • Creativity



  • Anxiety

  • Stress 

At Bear Foot Yogis I aim to:

  • Provide a safe and nurturing environment for children to express themselves emotionally and physically.

  • To teach children coordination, cooperation, compassion, and mindfulness

  • Enable children to feel empowered and confident in themselves.

  • Encourage a love of yoga!

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“I have been practicing yoga on/off for a few years so value the physical, mental and emotional benefits it gives. How do you make yoga and mindfulness fun for children? Bear Foot Yogis , that's how! Hilary creates a wonderful calm space for children to confidently learn the basic techniques yoga. She uses language and activities children understand. Yoga Phonics is inspired, a great way to introduce word recognition and blending and develop their flexibility. Give Bear Foot Yogis a go....your child will thank you for it!” 
- (Ruth - Early Years Childcarer) 

“C was practising on the bed this morning and could remember the sound and pose; and that’s just from doing it once. She really enjoys it. What a fun way to learn!” 

- (Annette, mum of 2) 

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